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London Mayor publishes strategy on affordable housing

October 26, 2017

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, in his recently published draft housing strategy explained that he intended to directly intervene to increase housing delivery and set out how he intends to invest the £3.15 billion pounds secured from the government in affordable housing.

This week he has shown this to be the case when he used his planning powers to the full extent, for the second time, to increase the number of affordable homes in a development. Sadiq Khan managed to ensure 35% of units were affordable housing at a development in Wandsworth which was only intended to have 23% affordable housing units.

55% of these Affordable units will be delivered in the first phase and there is review in place which may mean that 50% of the properties at the development could be affordable housing units if the agreed level of progress is not made within 2 years.

Sadiq Khan previously used his powers to approve plans for 185 affordable homes in Barnet after intervening to double the amount of affordable units to 40%.

As well as the above, the Mayor has published the Affordable Housing and Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance, this offers a faster route through the planning process for developers offering at least 35% of units as affordable housing.

These recent moves suggest the Mayor is committed to increasing the delivery of affordable housing in London and as promised has used his full range of planning powers to achieve this.

London Mayor publishes strategy on affordable housing