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Gillian Metcalf Memorial Fund

September 3, 2014

As some of you may know, Friday 5th September is the first anniversary of Gill’s death.  Thanks to the generous donations received from colleagues, clients, family and friends to the fund, and to the fund raising efforts of Gill’s daughters, Alice and Natasha, we have received the following update from Tujatane Tongabezi Trust School:

“We cannot thank you all enough for this amazing contribution to the children of Tujatane, Tongabezi Trust School.   I just wanted to forward to you some photos taken yesterday.  The building is almost complete.  

The left hand room is the art/sewing room – our Metcalf room.  Beth has had a meeting with the local community to discuss plans for our sewing project and we have a large number wishing to get involved and so very happy to have this opportunity.”

Many thanks to everyone who donated.